From Those Around

I hear A cry

Oh God Oh God

My eyes A dry

I hear their foot steps leaving slow

And than I know my soul must fly

I chilly wind begins to blow, within my soul, from head to toe

and then last breath escape my lips its time to leave I must go

so its true, but its too late

they said each soul has its given date

when it must leave its body’s core

and meet with its eternal fate

oh mark the word that I do say, who knows? Tomorrow could be your day,

at last it comes to heaven or hell

decide which now, do not delay!

Come on my brothers lets us pray decide which now, do not delay!

Oh God… Oh God…

I cannot see!

My eyes are blinded! I am still me?

Or has my soul been led astray and forced to pay a priceless fee?

Alas to dust we all return, some shall rejoice, while others burn,

if only I knew that before the line grew short,and came my turn

and now, as beneath the sod they lay me (with my record flawed),

They cry, not knowing I cry worse

for  they go home, I face my GOD

Nashed by Ahmad Bukhatir. Silahkan download audionya disini


About Abu Maryam

menjelajahi lautan 'ilmu sebagai bekal di akhirat kelak

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